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Nine-lives Ibrahim Cheats Death Again

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 December 2012)

Close but no cigar this time either, Death

In Izmir, Ibrahim Bel (65) got hit by a minibus as he
was crossing the street. Bel was then hit again by a
fast-coming Jeep and dragged 800 meters. The elderly
man was taken to the hospital where it was learned he
had cheated death four times before.

The incredible accident occurred the day before yesterday
near the Ozkanlar overpass on Ankara Boulevard in
Bornova. Bel, the father of five who used to work in a
rock quarry, wanted to cross the street but was hit by
a minibus heading toward Konak from Bornova and
driven by Bayram Ali Avcı (68).

As Avcı got out of his vehicle to help Bel,  Ali Üçkardeş
didn't notice the fallen man, hit him with his Jeep and
dragged Bel a further 800 meters. A motorcyclist alerted
Üçkardeş as he was dragging Bel and got him to stop. A
112 team (emergency responders) determined that it was
a miracle that Bel survived.  He was taken to the Medical
Faculty Hospital at Ege University and put into intensive
care. Bel remains in serious condition.

Bel's son Ferhat Bel (29) related that his father had defied
death on four previous occasions and he predicted that
Ibrahim Bel will be back on his feet in no time. Ferhat
said that 'my father's in intensive care but when I spoke
to him he heard me and wanted to get up. Nineteen years
ago got hit by a truck backing up and he was in the hospital
for a month. Another time at the rock quarry he fell out of
a moving truck but sustained only scratches. '

Continuing, Ferhat said that his father 'got caught under
some rocks that fell from 10 meters up at the rock quarry
and he broke an arm and a leg. Most recently, my father
fell from an olive tree last year and broke some of the
bones in his jaw. He was in the hospital for 50 days and
they put a plate in.'

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