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Octocopter of Love

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ed.note: headline should be read while humming 'Rollercoaster of Love'

(Sabah Newspaper, 31 January 2013)
Drone plays nicely, for a change

In Izmir, Okan Okay (24) made a very interesting
marriage proposal to Merve Kayabasi, whom
he has been seeing for five years. Okan made
an arrangement with an advertising company that
shoots video and photographs from the air and
surprised Merve when an unmanned aerial vehicle
descended to her with the marriage proposal.

The 'drone' hovered 150 meters in the air carrying
a one-stone ring and a rose. It then came slowly
down toward the Historic Clock Tower in Konak
Square and settled in front of the unwitting Merve.
At the same time, two friends holding a banner
that read "My Angel, Will You Marry Me?"
appeared accross from the couple.

Merve happily embraced Okan in the face of the
crazy marriage proposal, saying "yes!".  The owner
of the firm that uses the 8-propeller craft, which they've
named the "Octocopter", for photo shoots said "it's
the first time we've used our machine for such a
happy occasion."

Izmir, on Turkey's Aegean coast.

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