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Crash Dummies

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 June 2013)

"Accidents R Us"
Three friends who miraculously survived an accident
last week in Ilkadım district of Samsun province, said
when they saw their bifurcated vehicle: "We got out of
this car alive!?". The youths, who noted that they had
shared four accidents together up until today, stated
that "we are really very lucky to have gotten out of this
car alive. The vehicle was split in two!"

Emre Aslan was driving the car when it was involved
in an accident on Atatürk Boulevard in Ilkadım district
on 27 May. Aslan lost control of the car and drove it
on to the center median where it hit a palm tree and
broke into two pieces. Miraculously, the three people
in the car were only slightly injured. In addition to driver
Aslan, Samet Genel (26) didn't even get a bloody nose
and Emre Çetinkaya (22) had some minor injuries.

The three youths visited the car they had the accident in
and when they saw it they said "How did we get out of
this alive!?" Emre Aslan stated that this is the fourth
time the three friends have experienced an accident together
and "coincidentally, each time we were listening to Yıldız
Tilbe (a famous Turkish female vocalist) on the radio."

In this latest accident, Emre Çetinkaya hurt his arm. He
said "I was sitting in the back seat. I was slightly injured.
But now that I see the condition of the car I'm amazed."
Samet Genel, who survived the crash without a scratch,
said that he has been involved in accidents 36 (!) times
(yes, thirty six) and has 27 pieces of platinum in his body.
He noted that his friends call him "Platinum Man".

Ilkadım is one of Samsun city's districts on the Black Sea.

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