25 Haziran 2013 Salı

Smarter Than The Average Bear

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(Haber Turk Newspaper, 24 June 2013)

Bees on the balcony foil bears.

In Abana district of Kastamonu province, a honey
producer who wanted to protect his hives from bear
attacks has come up with a Black Sea-type solution:
he put the hives on a balcony that he constructed
between trees.

Mustafa Biyikli (60), who has about 60 hives in Akcam
village, said that "the bears have destroyed 10 of our hives.
The last resort solution was to build a balcony among the
trees to protect the hives from the bears. We lift the hives
onto the balcony with a pulley system that we made. It's
a very good system. We also prevent the bears from climbing
the trees by wrapping the trunks with sheet metal."

Abana district on Black Sea coast.

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