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One Eggs-asperating Omelet!

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 22 June 2013)
NCO's donate eggs for better breakfasts.

The General Director of the Turkish Non-Commissioned
Officers Association (TEMAD), Ahmet Keser, has reacted
harshly to the six month jail sentence meted out to Sergeant
T.T. for the four eggs he had a subordinate use to make him
breakfast on 13 January at the 95th Armored Brigade Command
located at Malkara, Tekirdag.

Keser noted that in the past three months nine non-commissioned
officers have committed suicide and he pointedly asked "what is
the commission that the General Staff appointed three months ago
in regard to these suicides doing? The results are still unclear.
Instead of looking into the problems of NCO's, the General Staff
is making a crime out of four eggs. We'll send them a carton of

Keser continued, saying "being the watch officer is a sacred and
meaningful duty. Our NCO was the duty officer in the unit that day.
As he got off duty he ate three or four eggs. What's that Lt. Col.
doing? Making a crime out of eggs. What a shame. The Turkish
Army is bothering with such things? Our NCO is accused of eating
four eggs he was entitled to. Just the other day, the Chief of the
General Staff and 50 others visited a unit and ate with the soldiers.
Wasn't that the soldiers' food? Did that food come from some

Egg Questions

Lt. Col. Erol Umut asked Sergeant T.T. six questions as part of
the judicial investigation. The questions and answers are summarized
here as follows:

Umut: I determined that you had an omelet cooked in the kitchen even
            though it wasn't on the menu. Why did you do this?
T.T.:   I knowingly allowed two eggs that I procured myself to be cooked
           to bolster my fortitude because I wasn't feeling well.
Umut: Did anyone else do such a thing in the kitchen? If you know write
           down their names. And if you know, then why have you hidden these
           crimes up to now?
T.T.    I have seen others do it but I didn't give it any importance because I
           figured they were doing it for inspection or checking. I didn't want
           to report who was involved in order not to upset my upper and lower
           relations and to preserve tranquility.
Umut: Even though I warned you five times, why didn't you come to
           attention? Only on the sixth time, did you come to attention, and then
           only with reluctance.
T.T.    I was at attention, in any case, but you kept on screaming and scolding
           and offending me.  


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