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Living Dead's Land Sold

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 June 2013)
Undead but has to prove it.

Everything began when 74 year-old Inci
Yasar Seven asked the tax office in Atasehir,
Istanbul, how much tax she owed on her
land there. The response shocked her: "it
seems you died. Your land has been sold."

Seven, who has lived in Holland for 50 years,
was told by the deed bureau to bring a document
proving she is alive, to Turkey. But when Seven
arrived here she was in for another shock: a death
report about her had wiped her from the population
ledger. In other words, she was officially dead in

After the incident was referred to the public
prosecutor it was apparent that Seven had been
the victim of fraud. A false death certificate
had been prepared, a fraudulent power of attorney
in the names of her three children had been
created and her land was sold.

Lawyer Gokcen Bilge Ozdemir explained that
Seven would have to file a friendly suit against the
population bureau, since the opposite party would
be the state. Next, she would have to produce a
birth certificate, and documents showing her entrances
and exits to and from Turkey, along with proof of her
residence in Holland. In addition, Seven would have
to get a document from the Cemeteries Directorate
stating that "no such body has been buried" in order
to establish that she had no grave in Turkey. Only after
all this was done could Seven be reinstated on the
population roles.

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