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Egg-centric Military Justice

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 June 2013)
Looks so innocent...

In Malkara district of Tekirdag province, Sergeant T.T.
was on night duty at the 95th Armored Brigade Command
on 13 January when he asked Corporal Yusuf Dogan, who
was on duty in the barracks kitchen, to make him an omelet
for breakfast.

However, while the omelet was cooking, Lt.Col. Erol Umut happened
by the kitchen and asked for whom the omelet - which was not on
the breakfast menu - was being prepared. Corporal Dogan explained
that he had used four eggs in the refrigerator, which were being saved for
a soup on the next day's menu, for Sergeant T.T.'s breakfast. Lt.Col.
took note of the incident and the matter was subsequently referred to
the military court.

At the hearing of the Second Army Corps Military Court on 17 June
Sergeant T.T. was sentenced to six months in jail and fined the 50 cents
cost of the eggs, which he will have to pay off within five years (!).
Since the sentence was less than two years, Sergeant T.T. avoided
prison and the court's decision was postponed. If Sergeant T.T. does
not commit a similar crime within five years he will not go to prison.

After an inquiry that lasted three months, Lt. Ugur Gultekin, a deputy
prosecutor for the Second Army Corps Command Military Court at
Gallipoli, prepared an indictment on 1 April (appropriately enough).
In the indictment, it was stated that by having an omelet prepared,
although it was not on the breakfast menu, Sergeant T.T. had misused
his authority and cost the taxpayers 50 cents.

Malkara is (clearly) the wild west of Tekirdag.

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