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Town's Golden Name Lures the Greedy

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 June 2013)
Treasure hunters keep out!

Treasure hunters have headed toward a village, whose
name is Altinbulak (Goldspring), in droves. The
villagers say that their village looks like a groundhog
field because of all the excavations. Their solution has
involved setting up a village security camera.

Because of its name, the village of Altinbulak, in Yakutiye
district of Erzurum province, has become the place to go
for treasure hunters who have begun to pillage the place,
thinking that gold is buried there. Villagers run into the
treasure seekers late at night and try to stop them but the
excavations continue. Efforts to rid the village of the treasure
hunters have even included casting spells but, as yet, all in vain.

Excavations have been dug near the 200 year-old fountain that
gives the village its name and nearly everywhere else so the
villagers have installed a security camera. Village chief Nuri
Demir collected money from the townsfolk for a computer
and a night-vision-equipped camera system that can turn 360
degrees.  Demir can view the camera feed from his office at
all hours and this has resulted in a major decrease in treasure
hunters roaming around.

Zafer Karadas, one of the villagers, said that "its come to this:
these rabid treasure hunters have even had the gall to dig in
our gardens while we're at home. Thanks to the camera system
they've been frightened off and stay away from the village."
Another villager, Murat Tastan, stated that "although the name
of our fountain lures the treasure hunters, for us the water from
the fountain is the real gold."

Treasure hunters take note:
Altinbulak near Erzurum city.

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