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"Honey Trap" Lands Her in Turkish Prison

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 June 2013)
Nigerian matchmakers' cast of characters.

The latest victim of the "honey trap" technique used
to hoodwink middle aged people the world over by
luring them with young men and women, is American
prison worker Peggy Michelle Spicer (56). She met
one of the "honey trap" squad, who posed as a U.S.
soldier named James Michael Sunt serving in Nigeria (!),
on the internet.

Peggy accepted James's marriage proposal and sent her
"fiancé" a picture of herself in her wedding gown. She
then went to Peru but James explained that something had
come up so he referred her to his "uncle" there. This "uncle"
hosted Peggy in Peru and gave her a laptop case as a present.
James then called Peggy and told her that the wedding would
be in London. First, though, they would have a vacation in
Cesme, Turkey.

Peggy came to Turkey but was caught at Ataturk Airport
with the laptop case, in which 1.785 grams of cocaine had
been hidden. Peggy wanted to contact her "fiancé", U.S.
Army Major James Michael Sunt, but it turned out that the
photograph he had sent her was of another U.S. soldier.
Peggy has been in a Turkish prison for over a year and is
now trying to prove her innocence.

The "honey trap" technique is used primarily by Nigerian
conmen. In 2011 they lured Kate Roberts into a "romance"
using the photo of a U.S.soldier and defrauded her of
80,000 British Sterling.  In 2012, North Carolina University
physics and astronomy professor Paul Frampton (68) went
to Bolivia to meet the supposed 2007 Miss Bikini World beauty
Denise Milani. Frampton was caught with cocaine secreted
in a bag he had been given when he returned to the U.S.

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