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Families From East Take Feud to Istanbul

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 June 2013)
Family Feud, the reality show.

In Sancaktepe, Istanbul, the feud between the Kantarkaya
family of Bingol and the Ayirkans of Kars began in 2011 when
Nevzat Ayirkan (37), who has a record for narcotics and weapons
possession,  kidnapped 14 year-old C.K. The Kantarkaya
family complained to the police who took Ayirkan and C.K.
into custody at the house they were living in in Umraniye,
Istanbul. Ayirkan was subsequently released and the girl was
returned to her family.

In May of this year C.K.'s family called the police to report
that Ayirkan had beaten C.K. and asked for police assistance.
C.K. was then taken to a dormitory for girls in Avcilar, Istanbul.
Later, Ayirkan again kidnapped C.K. but this time with her
consent. The feud between the families erupted again.

In a fight last Tuesday three members of the Ayirkan family were
knifed.  The night before last, C.K.'s father Ali Can Kantarkaya
and his relatives sprayed Nevzat Ayirkan with bullets. Ayirkan
was killed and his nephew Emray Ayirkan (22) was injured.
After this happened the Ayirkan family torched the Kantarkaya
family home and five apartments in the 3-story building burned.

Three busloads of riot police, a panzer vehicle and a TOMA
(crowd control truck) took up duty in the neighborhood. The
whereabouts of the kidnapped C.K. remained unknown and four
people were taken into custody.

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