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Phone Rage in Konya

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 June 2013)
Writer's cramp.

In Konya, Mehmet Ozyildiran, a father of one who worked
as a waiter at an amusement center, forced his father-in-law,
Celal Karacay (77), to sign a promisory note for a 1500 TL
phone that he bought a month ago.  Ozyildiran failed to make
the first payment on the phone but went ahead and bought yet
another cellphone for 2,000 TL. Again, Ozyildiran tried to have
his father-in-law sign the note for the phone but Karacay refused.

Ozyildiran came to Karacay's house two days ago with a meat
cleaver, intent on forcing his father-in-law to sign the note but
when Karacay threatened to call the police Ozyildiran left.
The night before last, at 2020 hours, Ozyildiran returned
to Karacay's house with the note and the meat cleaver.  Karacay
wouldn't open the door so Ozyildiran climbed onto the balcony
in an effort to enter the house.

Karacay fired at Ozyildiran with his unlicensed hunting rifle,
wounding Ozyildiran in the back. Ozyildiran later died at the hospital.

Pricey phones all the rage  here.

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