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Mind The Gap!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 June 2013)

Watch that first step...

In Konya, an 8.5-month pregnant woman stuck in a car
that was left hanging over a hole dug by the municipality,
panicked while getting out of the car and fell into the hole.
The accident occurred at 2200 hours the night before last
in Selçuklu district.

Evidently, Faruk Balcı (29) did not notice the warning signs
and barriers as he drove his car over the 4-meter deep ditch
dug by the KOSKİ utility. Miraculously, the car got stuck
over the ditch but Müşerref Balcı, in a panic, got out of the
vehicle and fell into the hole.

Local citizens came to the rescue and retrieved the 8.5 month
pregnant  Müşerref Balcı from the ditch and she and her
husband Faruk were taken to the hospital. It has been learned
that the mother and her baby are doing well. An investigation
into the accident has been started.

Selçuklu is near Konya city.

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