14 Haziran 2013 Cuma

Gezi Park's "Vat From Hell" Twin

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 June 2013)

Massive beast at rest, for now.

A giant vat-tank intended for use in a separation
process at a nickel mine in Gördes district of Manisa
province left the port of Aliağa nearly two weeks ago
for the overland trip to Gördes. The vat-tank has become
the subject of protests at a place 10 kilometers from Soma,
where it is currently parked.

The protestors have issued a press release, characterizing
the 738 ton (!) vat-tank as the "Vat From Hell" and saying
that it will bring a catastrophe to the region. The environmental
protestors came from Soma, Gördes, Turgutlu, Dikili, Bergama
and Izmir and found the vat-tank parked near Soma.

The protestors carried pankarts reading "The Vat From Hell
Won't Enter Gördes!" as they climbed onto the vat-tank. They
shouted slogans like "We Don't Want the Vat From Hell!". Hasan
Türkay, a director on board of directors of the Gördes Environment
Association, gave a speech in front of the vat-tank and said that
the autoclave they call the 'Vat From Hell"  was a life-threatening

CHP representative Özgür Özel said that "we won't let the vat
be placed on the top of Gördes so it can poison our beautiful
Manisa plain."

Beauty Manisa wants no part of The Beast.

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