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Trash-talkers and Sweet-talkers Get Stung

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 July 2013)
Sweeper collects the trash-talkers.

The Mersin police pulled off a sting operation just
like in the movies. Con men who tried to hoodwink
citizen M.M., saying they were  prosecutors, were caught
by police posing as street sweepers.  The con men,
M.M.Y., D.U. and I. U., had previously used this
technique to bilk two citizens out of 200,000 TL.

First, someone claiming to be a policeman phoned M.M.
and told him to hang on for a connection to Prosecutor
Hasan. Once Hasan came on the line, he told M.M. that
the police were about to capture a group that was passing
money to the PKK terrorist organization so, in this regard (?),
M.M. was asked to bring 50,000 TL to a particular place.
A flustered M.M. withdrew the money from his account and
brought it to the designated location.

M.M. became suspicious, though, and phoned the real police,
who went into action. The police donned camouflaged outfits
and surveilled the area in front of the courthouse, where
Prosecutor Hasan wanted M.M. to bring the money. Wearing
the uniforms of municipal street sweepers, the police even
swept up the area themselves while waiting for the con men.

The suspects, expecting to collect 50,000 TL, came to the
site and looked around for 15 minutes but didn't pay any
attention to the sweepers. Just as I.U., the phony prosecutor,
was about to take hold of the money he was arrested by the
sweeper-clothed police. His cohorts M.M.Y. and D.U. fled
into the streets of Mersin but were later captured.


sweet talker links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 June 2013)
Irresistible sweet-talker Veli Naci C.

In Antalya, a swindler who promised to marry women but instead
took their money, was captured in a police sting operation. Veli
Naci C. (53) called C.G.(48), a retired Antalya worker who had left her
phone number with a local TV station in hopes of finding a mate.
The suspect said he wanted to talk with C.G. and after displaying just
enough sincerity, he went to Antalya to meet her.

Veli Naci C. told C.G. that he had 332,000 TL secured in a bank for
their wedding but needed 10,000 TL from C.G. at the moment. He
then disappeared. C.G., realizing she had been bilked, called the
police who figured out a way to get Veli Naci C. to call another woman,
who lured Veli Naci C. back to Antalya. He was arrested at the rendezvous

During the interrogation it was learned that Veli Naci C. had swindled
more than 10 middle-aged women with the same technique. He was
taken to jail.

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