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CEO Fails IQ Test

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 August 2013)

A fraud gang whose members identify themselves as
policemen, prosecutors or MIT (Turkish National
Intelligence Agency) agents to the people they call on
the phone, hoodwinked the CEO of an unnamed company
out of 875,000 TL. The incident was recorded by MOBESE
(street surveillance) cameras.

Garbage can banking.

Saying he was a prosecutor, a gang member called the CEO
and claimed that the woman's name was being used by a
terrorist organization. The supposed prosecutor provided the
woman CEO with her identification information to convince
her. The CEO then withdrew 375,000 TL from a bank and
brought it to a park in the Sisli area of Istanbul, where she threw
the bag of money into a garbage receptacle.

Shortly after the CEO left the park a gang member came to
retrieve the bag. The same day, the gang called the CEO again
and told her to bring the gold at her home, as well. The CEO
subsequently put 500,000 TL worth of gold into the same garbage

Another escapade of the gang was recorded in Kadikoy, Istanbul.
Retiree H.E. believed a 'MIT" agent who told her that her name
was being used in an important investigation. H.E. brought
a bag full of money to a park and sat on a bench there. She received
a phone call from someone telling her to leave the bag with 80,000 TL
in it in a garbage can and leave. As soon a she left someone retrieved
the bag full of money from the garbage can.

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