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Scorpion-hunting Kids in Sanliurfa

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 August 2013)

Spiderman would be proud.

Sanliurfa is the province with the largest
population of children and youth in the
country. When the schools close for the
summer the 'work time' for the kids begins.

Some young people come to Istanbul and
work as 'child workers' in various sectors,
primarily the textile industry. Others sell
tissues and bagels on the street, while their
friends work as painters or garbage collectors
to help their families' budgets.

Back in the villages of Sanliurfa's Harran
district, though, after working in the fields
all day the youngsters engage in a very unusual
activity to earn money. These kids, mostly in
primary and middle school,  hunt scorpions in
abandoned buildings and stables at night.

Taking no precautions whatsoever, the children
collect the poisonous scorpions which they sell
for one lira (50 cents) apiece to wholesalers. The
scorpion traders tour the villages during the summer
and buy the creatures for 50 kurus (25 cents) or 1 lira.
The scorpions are then sold to factories that produce

Scorpions aplenty in Sanliurfa.

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