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In-laws In a World of Hurt

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 August 2013)

Whatever did I see in that guy?

In Karacalar hamlet of Salipazari district, Samsun
province, Behic Zengin (48) called his son-in-law
Burhan A. (31) yesterday morning and asked him to
bring his two grandchildren to his house.  Burhan A.,
however, said that he was busy, wouldn't bring the
children and argued with his father-in-law on the phone.

Concurrently, Behice A. (28) got into a fight with her
husband Burhan A. while he was arguing with Behice's
father.  Burhan A. beat his wife and then headed for his
father-in-law's house in a fit of anger. Arriving there,
Burhan A. unloaded his revolver on Behic Zengin and
then his mother-in-law Cemile Zengin (47) who attempted
to intervene. Sister-in-law Beyhan Zengin (20) was also

Behic and Cemile Zengin died at the scene and Beyhan,
wounded in the hand, was taken to Carsamba State
Hospital for treatment. An irritated (!) Burhan A. went to
the Carsamba Gendarmerie Command and turned himself
Samsun province

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