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Lawyer Has a Bit Too Much To Say

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 August 2013)
Insult them at your peril.

In Izmir, lawyer Yesim K. (30) went to a hearing
at the courthouse but ended up waiting for a long time
for her turn to come. Yesim K. got fed up and decided
to fill out a excuse form so she could look after other
matters in the meantime.

Yesim K. then went to the court secretariat and asked
the clerks there for an A4 form so she could fill out
the excuse petition. However, one of the clerks pointed
to the sign they had hung on a cabinet that read "Please
do not request petition forms." 

The irritated lawyer took a picture of the sign with her
cellphone and said to the clerks "whoever wrote this is
ill-mannered and ill-bred."  Taking exception to Yesim K.'s
words, clerk Seval D. replied "we wrote it and hung it up.
Are you calling us ill-mannered and ill-bred!?", to which
Yesim K. responded "yes!".

The chief clerk and the other clerks put this all down on
paper and filed a complaint with the public prosecutor,
who has charged Yesim K. with "insulting personnel on
duty."  The penalty upon conviction is no less that one
year and no more than two years in jail.

So the lawyer who has become a crime suspect because of
a form, will now have to  face a judge in Serious Crimes Court.

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