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Gold Cashed for Car Drives Dad Wild

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 August 2013)

Mahfuz T. - anger-management issues.

In Batman district of Diyarbakir province, B.T. (17)
was married to Serdar Kaya (30) eight months ago in
a religious ceremony. The couple began living in Istanbul
and a while later went to Batman to pay their respects to
the bride's father Mahfuz T. However, when Mahfuz T.
didn't see his daughter wearing the gold given to her at
the wedding he asked "where's the gold?"

In response, B.T. told her father that she had, of her own
volition, given the gold to her husband to buy a car. Hearing
this, the angry father slapped his daughter. B.T. then related
this to her husband who came to Mahfuz T.'s house and took
B.T. away.  Relatives intervened, though, and that same
evening, kissing his father-in-law's hand, the two made up.

The following day the couple again visited Mahfuz T.'s home
before returning to Istanbul. Mahfuz T., however, would have
none of it and slapped both his daughter and her husband,
chasing them from his house.  Then, en route to Diyarbakir
airport the couple was ambushed by Mahfuz T., who opened
fire with a revolver on the two young people.

Serdar Kaya was hit in the chest but B.T. escaped unscathed
when her father's gun jammed.  The couple hurried toward
the airport entrance as Mahfuz T. continued his deadly pursuit.
Security personnel were able to capture Mahfuz T. and the
seriously wounded Kaya was taken for treatment. B.T. said that
"He aimed at me but his gun jammed. I'm filing a complaint." (!)
A court case against Mahfuz T. has been opened, with a 30-year
prison sentence requested.

Batman located a bit SE of Diyarbakir.

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