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Doctor Rolex

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 August 2013)
The doctor is in...jail.

The incredible fraud perpetrated by Zulfu G. has
been exposed thanks to a complaint by university
student Fatih O. A supposed doctor summoned Fatih
O. to the hospital, claiming that he wanted to buy the
two Rolex wrist watches that Fatih O. had offered for
sale on the internet for 75,000 TL each.

A second complaint came from dentist Mehmet E.
whose cellphone was stolen in the same manner.
The police then reviewed security video footage
and determined that the same person was responsible
for both thefts - Zulfu G. (32), who has a record for
previous crimes like these.

In the videos, Zulfu G. meets his victims wearing
a doctor's frock and a stethoscope. Zulfu G. used
the same technique to bilk three other victims over
the past months, netting five cellphones, two watches
-one of them a Rolex, and two season passes to Besiktas
Sports Club games.

Zulfu G. met the citizens he hoodwinked in front of
hospitals and health centers, identifying himself as a
'heart doctor'.  Saying he wanted to show the goods he
planned to 'buy' to a friend, Zulfu G. took the items
and disappeared.

After a long investigation, Zulfu G. was found at a
location in Bakirkoy, Istanbul, the day before yesterday
and arrested.

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