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'Human Airbags' Reduce Casualties

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(Posta Newspaper, 22 August 2013)

Good thing it was packed with 'airbags'.

In Caycuma, Zonguldak province, a minibus driven by
Ramazan Unluturk carrying passengers from the town of
Filyos to the city center, overturned last Monday when
the brakes failed. One person died in the accident, Serafettin
Ucar (63).

At the time of the incident there were 41 people in the minibus,
which has a capacity of 23, sparking criticism. However, Osman
Bahar, the head of the Zonguldak Drivers Association, had an
interesting way of defending the driver.

While admitting that it was not proper to load 40 passengers into the
23-person capacity minibus, Bahar asserted that "there are from 3 to
5 extra passengers in mass transit vehicles every morning and evening
in all provinces of  Turkey. When there are extra passengers in a vehicle
involved in an accident this reduces the number of deaths and injuries
because the passengers inside the vehicle can't be thrown around. If there
had been the normal number of persons in the vehicle there may have
been more deaths."

Zonguldak - home of alternative ideas for safety.

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