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Facebook Gaffe, Painful Memories

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 August 2013)

Facebook faux pas, regretful Ö.V.

Ö.V. works as a technician at a state hospital in Patnos district
of Ağrı province. On her Facebook page she wrote "I feel like throwing
Patnos in the toilet and flushing it." Another worker at the the hospital
noticed Ö.V.'s posting and re-posted it, claiming that Ö.V. had insulted

Because of her comment, Ö.V.  received quite a few death threats and
so she was sent to work at another hospital, Eleşkirt State Hospital. The
threats continued, however, and Ö.V. appealed to the public prosecutor
for police protection. The young woman next applied for a transfer and
has been assigned to another city.

After her transfer, Ö.V. wrote on her Facebook page "the Ağrı story is
over. Henceforth if I have a headache I won't use the word 'ağrı' (the name
of the province but a word that also means 'pain'), I'll just say my head
hurts. I don't even want to pronounce the name of that place anymore."

Agri province way out east.

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