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Tuva Turks in Mongolia Grasp Heritage

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 August 2013)

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Tuva Turks in their teepees.

Educational material and technical support has
been secured within the scope of a project to
protect the language and culture of the Tuva
Turks who live in Mongolia. Atlas Magazine
Publisher Ozcan Yuksek and photographer Selcen
Kucukustel introduced the Tuva Turks to Turkey
and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination
Agency (TIKA) initiated the project.

The proportion of the Tuva Turks who know Tuva
Turkish, besides the elderly,  is between 10 and 15
percent. The 843 Tuva Turks live in 393 tents within
the borders of Buyant district of Hovd province, located
1,500 kilometers from the Mongolian capital of Ulanbatur.

The elderdy who know the language are dying off and
the children are learning Mongolian at school so the new
generation is becoming increasingly distant from its native
language and culture.  In order to stem this trend, TIKA and
the Association for the Support of the Development of Tuva
Turks cooperated to prepare the Tent School Project. The
material and equipment obtained within the framework of
the project were handed over to the Tuva Turks at a ceremony
in Buyant.

Hovd (or Khovd) province is in Mongolia's far west.

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