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Lightning Strikes Its Namesake

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 August 2013)
Fate takes name and kicks ass.
In Dikme village near the Kars provincial capital, Adnan Yıldırım (60)
and Tamara Yıldırım (55) went to tend their fields three kilometers
from their village on 28 July. The couple began to gather the grass in
the field with their rakes when it started to rain so they headed for home.

Riding on her donkey with a rake in her hand, Tamara was struck by
lightning right after a sudden thunderclap. Adnan, shocked to see his
wife thrown one way and her donkey the other, came to his senses and
informed his relatives.  Following an investigation at the scene Tamara's
body was sent to the morgue for an autopsy, after which she was buried
amid tears.

The prosecutor's report determined that the rake in the hand of the
unfortunate woman had attracted the lightning. Adnan told his relatives
that "when I went to her side smoke was coming from my wife. The rake's
metal end was red and the wooden handle was burnt."

//ed. note: 'yildirim' means 'lightning' in Turkish//

Lightning reaps kin in Kars.


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