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Relative Transformers

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(Sabah Newspaper, 31 July 2013)
The family that transplants together...

Dogan Kadim (23) is living life anew after a 17-hour
operation in Izmir in which he received a kidney from
his father and a liver transplant from his sister. Kadim
is a mine worker from Ortakoy in Akdagmadeni district
of Yozgat province. Three years ago he was diagnosed
with chronic kidney insufficiency, began dialysis and was
forced to leave his job.

The young man's left kidney was removed in an operation
and the stones within it revealed that his main problem
came from his liver. Doctors said there was no solution other
than transplants. Investigations showed that his father's kidney
and his sister's liver would be suitable as donors.

So the family came to Izmir and on Tuesday, 23 July, the
double transplant operation was performed. First, Dogan
received part of the liver of his 21 year-old sister Kamer
Ozbulut, who has one child. The operation team then changed
and the new group of doctors transplanted the kidney from
father Omer Kadim (43) to Dogan.

The operations lasted 17 hours and the following day the
father and sister were in their recovery rooms. One day later
the three came together. The young man was quite happy to
have regained his health and said that "I'll be thankful to my
father and sister all my life."

Akdagmadeni is in Yozgat's east.

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