31 Ağustos 2013 Cumartesi

Lucky (!) Victim Lands On Doctor's Car

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(Sabah and Takvim Newspapers, 25 August 2013)

Sometimes you just gotta be lucky, sort of...

In Findikli, Istanbul, a waiter bringing an order to a
customer was hit by a speeding police car as he tried
to cross the tramway tracks. The first-responder to
the injured waiter, F.C. (17), was the doctor on top of
whose car F.C. had landed after being hit.

The day before yesterday, F.C., who works in a café,
was in the process of crossing the street to bring a
food order to a customer when he was hit on the tramway
track by the police car. The impact hurled F.C. meters into
the air and he landed on the front hood of a car driven by
Dr. Nazmi Algan, a member of the directing council of the
Istanbul Medical Office.

F.C. then fell off the car hood onto the tramway tracks
and was attended to by Dr. Algan and the policemen. F.C.
was taken to a hospital, where he remains in intensive care.
Dr. Algan stated that F.C.'s left arm was broken, his hip
and legs bruised and he had a bloody nose, as well.

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