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'Rocking Imam' Singing the Blues

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(Aydinlik Newspaper, 15 August 2013)
Imam has day and night jobs.

The Antalya Office of Islamic Law (Muftuluk) has
opened an investigation concerning Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer,
the imam of Pinarbasi village in Kas, Antalya, known
as the 'Rocking Imam', because he performed at a
concert. The completed report will be sent to the Directorate
of Religious Affairs, which, if it deems it appropriate,
will send inspectors to Pinarbasi from Ankara.  

On 10 August Imam Tuzer performed with his group 'FiRock'
at the Kas Yacht Harbor. This was Tuzer's first concert
and his musical works were a combination of Islamic
mysticism and rock. However, after the concert Tuzer
started receiving threatening messages on social media and
filed a complaint with the public prosecutor, who has started
an investigation.

Concurrently, the Antalya Muftu, Ahmet Celik, stated that
the intent of the concert would be looked into. He added that
"Being an imam is not an ordinary duty. This situation (being
a part-time rocker) might be normal for others but its not
normal for us."

Kas district is Antalya's westernmost.

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