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Mongolian Rendition: Diplomats Try to Clean Up the Mess

//Ed. Note: TNT stuck here too (happily) till Saturday.)

The Mongol Messenger, 3 August 2018)

turkish plane at ulan bator airport veysel akçay ile ilgili görsel sonucu
  Stuck at Ulan Bator International Airport.

Deputy Minister B. Battsetseg Calls Urgent Meeting with
Turkish Diplomat

In connection with the information on the abduction of Veysel Akçay,
a Turkish national and current Director of the Mongolia-Turkish
Joint School, by anonymous people (!) in the morning of 27 July 2018,
following the directives given by the Foreign Minister D. Tsogtbaatar,
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia has taken immediate
measures and is working with local authorities.

The Deputy Foreign Minister B. Batsetseg met a diplomat from the
Turkish Embassy in Ulaanbaatar and stated that if the news of the
abduction is true then it is an unacceptable act of violation of
Mongolia's sovereignty and independence and Mongolia will
strongly object to it.  The Turkish diplomat reaffirmed that the
Republic of Turkey respects the independence and sovereignty of
Mongolia and any illegal activities, including the abduction of
persons, have not been conducted on the territory or Mongolia.
He also conveyed Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu's
request to have a phone call with Foreign Minister D. Tsogtbaatar,
who expressed readiness to talk on this matter.

During a phone call with the Deputy Foreign Minister B. Batsetseg,
Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Yazal, who is currently working in
the countryside (!), has also reaffirmed the aforementioned position.

The Ministry of  Foreign Affairs has requested the relevant
authorities to hold a Turkish charter flight aircraft, currently sitting
at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport, until the matter is
resolved.  In addition, a working group led by the Deputy Foreign
Minister B. Batsetseg has been established at the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs under the directive given by the Foreign Minister
D. Tsogtbaatar.

mongolian rendition ile ilgili görsel sonucu
A different Mongolian Rendition - this one of 'Stairway to 

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