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Bloody Cost of Junior's British Education

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 December 2011)

In Kireçburbu (Istanbul) the case of the torture and murder of Ali Server
Yıldız, the driver for architect Mehmet Ali Barman who owns a 4-story
mansion on the Bosporus, has not progressed in two years. Yıldız was
killed because he told someone that Barman would be murdered for money.

Those being tried for Yıldız's murder, Barman's nursemaid Ayten Şafak
(25), whose nickname is 'thousand and one faces', and her partner in crime
Tamer Kapucu (44), claim that fashion designer Sedef Akgül ordered the
murder. At the latest hearing on 23 December at the 1st Serious Crimes
Court in Üsküdar, Kapucu claimed that 'Sedef had us commit this crime
so she could educate her son in England. Her nephew is the security
chief so that's why she hasn't been arrested.'  Ayten Şafak stated that
'Sedef told me 'you don't have a record. When you get caught say that
Tamer committed the crime. He's got a record.' She tipped off the
Gendarmerie and fled. She arranged the crime.'

The hearing was postponed after the arrest warrant for Sedef Akgül,
who has been sought for two years, was renewed.

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