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So Much for History...Ancient Bridge Trashed

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 December 2011)

Officials have gone into action after a new concrete bridge was built in Kars
at the request of villagers who wanted it instead of the ancient one already
in place. Upon the initiative of art historian Dr. Ali Murat Aktemur, the
Kars Council for the Protection of Culture and Nature has started an
inquiry about the incident.

A scandal has been generated in Taşköprü, a village of 200 people, tied
to Arpaçay district in Kars province. Village chief Bahri Daşdemir took
note of the complaints of villagers to the effect that the historic bridge
built by Urartu King Sarduri the Second in 739 B.C. did not meet their
needs. So two years ago Daşdemir had the ancient bridge destroyed. In
2009, prior to local elections, Daşdemir applied to the district chief of
Arpaçay and the district chief had a concrete bridged built in place of
the ancient one.

A short while ago, Dr. Ali Murat Aktemur went to the village to do
research about the Urartus but when he learned that the bridge had
been destroyed he went into shock. The director of the Kars Council
for the Protection of Culture and Nature, Hüsnü Genç, said that
'we will start administrative actions concerning those responsible
for destroying the old bridge and building the new one.'

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