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Superman, Spiderman, Batman...and Vatman!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 December 2011)

A suit has been filed in connection with a fight that broke out between the
vatman (tram conductor) and two passengers he closed the doors on while
they were trying to board the tram in Beyazit (Istanbul).

According to the statement regarding the suit, which was opened based
on complaints from both sides, as passengers were trying to board the tram
during rush hour on 20 May 2011, vatman Necmi Yıldız closed the doors.
Two passengers, Salih Alkan and Aytaç Yavuzcan, got their feet caught
between the doors and were slightly injured.

Alkan and Yavucan then went to the conductor's cabin and cursed at
vatman Yıldız. Both sides filed complaints about each other. The
prosecutor filed charges against vatman Yıldız for 'causing the injury
of more than one person through negligence' and asked for a sentence
of between 6 months and two years. Alkan and Yavuzcan were charged
with 'publicly insultıng', which carries a sentence of between 4 months
and two years.

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