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See Cat in Dream, Beat Your Wife

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(Habertürk Newspaper, 20 December 2011)

Ö.Y. (36), the wife of businessman B.Y., a graduate of Galatasaray
University who lives in Fatih, Istanbul, complained to the police that her
husband beat her because of a dream he had. Ö.Y., a graduate of Istanbul
University, explained the situation as follows: 44-year old B.Y. argued
with his wife a while ago, saying that money had been stolen from a
locked box in the house and even accusing her of being the thief.

Ö.Y., the mother of six children, could not convince her husband of 17
years that she had not stolen the money. The other morning when B.Y.
woke up he told his wife that he had seen a cat in a dream. He then got
up, went to the bookcase and retrieved a book about interpreting dreams,
in which he found an explanation for the dream he had.

B.Y. said that seeing a cat in a dream means that the servant in the
house has stolen some money. He then attacked his wife who was still
in bed. Ö.Y. fled from the attack and filed a complaint with the police.
B.Y. was taken into custody and was released on the orders of the
prosecutor after giving a statement.

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