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Lady Doctor Proves Retiree's Manhood

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 December 2011)

Ayçin Özkan had to take care of some matters four years ago at a few
state offices when he noticed that his name was spelled 'Ayşin' on official
documents. Changing the name would require him to file a suit but
officials suggested a shortcut - they issued him an identity card under the
name 'Ayşin Özkan'.

However, his problems knew no end because of the name 'Ayşin' so
Özkan again went to the Fatih (Istanbul) Population Directorate on
20 September 2011, asking to have his name changed. But the official
there noted that the name wasn't the only problem - his sex was listed
as 'female' because of the name 'Ayşin'. According to the Population
Directorate, his name was Ayşin Özkan and he was a 'she'.

Özkan's only recourse was to file a suit and convince the judge that
he was 'Ayçin' and he was a man. Accordingly, Ayçin Özkan filed
suit on 23 November against the Population Affairs General Directorate
at the 10th Court of First Instance in Bakırköy.

Özkan, who gets a retirement salary of 850TL per month, paid 176TL
for the suit in order to get his name and sex straightened out. The court
sent Özkan to the Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research
Hospital for a physical examination and he received a report attesting
to his manhood. Summing things up Özkan said 'I was forced to undergo
an physical exam by a woman doctor the age of my grandchild. I was
so embarrassed. I can't find the word to explain what I've been through.'

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