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Whoops! A Bit Too Generous

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 December 2011)

Following the incident where the Sudemir family of Batman gave a pillow
filled with 12,000TL worth of gold to an aid convoy for Van (following
the recent earthquake there), the Boduroğlu family of Ankara has become
a victim of absentmindedness.

The Boduroğlu family had sewn gold into a sweater to hide it from thieves
when they went on vacation. But forgetting about it, they sent the sweater
to the earthquake victims in Van and realized the mistake a month later.
Father Ahmet Boduroğlu is retired from the state railroad company and
his son Korhan works as a lighting technician at the state theater. They
gathered up unused winter clothing and gave it to the state theater's
aid drive for the earthquake victims.

Ahmet Boduroğlu explained the dilemma: 'We had sewn a red bag
containing seven gold bracelets into the underarm of the sweater. While
we weren't at home Korhan gave all the unused sweaters away without
realizing this. When he became aware of it he tried to find out where
the aid had been sent. The state theater told us that like all the other
aid it had been sent to the Van state theater company, from where it
went to needy villagers. These bracelets were to be presents to our
unmarried children for their weddings. Everything has been lost.'

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