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Imam's Flock Help Locate His Stolen Car

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 December 2011)

In Istanbul's Sultanbeyli neighborhood, Imam M.Ş. parked his car with the
key in it in front of his mosque and it was stolen. M.Ş. alerted the police
and during his evening sermon he told his followers that his car had been
stolen and that any kind of theft is a sin.

After the service someone came up to M.Ş. and indicated that a minibus
driver might have information about these kinds of thefts. The two then
went to see the minibus driver who directed them to M.K., whom the
driver knew from the neighborhood, for discussions on the matter. M.Ş.
went to meet with M.K. and asked for help. M.K. made some phone
calls and located the Imam's stolen automobile.

However, the thieves said they wanted 1,500TL. They instructed M.Ş.
not to contact the police and told him that if he brought them the money
he would find out where his car was. Nevertheless, M.Ş. alerted the
police to the situation and they took suspects M.K. and G.D. into
custody. During the subsequent intrerrogation (!) the location of the car
was determined. In addition to M.Ş.'s car, another stolen vehicle was
found at the same location.

Processing of M.K. and G.D. was completed at the Car Theft Bureau
of the Istanbul Public Security Directorate and they were transported
to jail. Police are seeking another person in connection with the

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