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FBI Gets Their Man at Soup Shop in Adana

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 21 December 2011)

Businessman Metin Atılan (51) was put under house arrest in Las Vegas
three years ago on the charge of trying to bribe an FBI agent. He escaped
by cutting the electronic bracelet on his arm but he has been found at a
soup shop in Adana.

Atılan has been on the 'most wanted' list of the international police
organization Interpol. After managing a restaurant at Incirlik Air Base in
Adana Atılan went to Las Vegas to work as a contractor where he
allegedly got millions of dollars of work by giving bribes. The FBI put
Atılan under surveillance.

According to claims, Atılan's wife A. Atılan gave a military officer in
charge of letting purchasing contracts a bribe of 4,966 USD. She also
tried to bribe FBI agent Eric J. Miller. On 5 February 2008, FBI agents
met with Metin Atılan in London, posing as US military contract officers.
Ten million dollars worth of work was agreed upon for a bribe of one
million dollars and Atılan gave them 30,000 USD in cash then and there.

Atılan was arrested after this incident but in May 2008 while under house
arrest in Las Vegas he cut the electronic tracking bracelet on his arm
and escaped. An arrest warrant was issued by the Colorado Attorney
General for Atılan, who had returned to Turkey. Teams from the Seyhan
District Security Directorate learned that Atılan was having tripe soup at
a soup shop in Adana and captured him. Metin Atılan will be returned to
the U.S.

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