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Puppy Love Blinds Thief in Samsun

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(Samsun News, 22 December 2011)

A person who entered the home of the General Director of the British-
American Tobacco Company factory in Samsun threatened the chief's
wife, Mogrietha Maria Eloff, with a starters pistol and robbed her of
750TL in her handbag.

The suspect, however, stopped to pick up two puppies that chased
him as he escaped and returned them to the surprised woman who
thanked the thief. It was determined that the suspect works as a welder
in the same factory and he was arrested by police.

The incident took place in Samsun's Atakum district on 20 December.
Ufuk Bozdemir (23), a factory worker, had gone to the General Director's
triplex villa in Atakum to work on home repairs but returned a few days
later, covering his face with a scarf and wearing gloves. He then knocked
on the door of the house where Mogrietha Maria Eloff was home alone.
Bozdemir threatened her with the pistol, took 750TL from her handbag
and fled.

While escaping two 'golden' puppies in the garden chased after Bozdemir.
Eloff also came out into the garden at this time as Bozdemir picked up
the puppies and returned them to Eloff who, in a state of surprise,
thanked Bozdemir.

Bozdemir was picked up by police in Bafra district last night. In his
statement he said that 'I owe 4,000TL on my credit card so that's why
I did this. I regret it. When I saw the puppies coming after me I stopped
and picked them up. I was going to put them down there but I saw the
woman in the garden and gave them to her. She thanked me.'

Bozdemir was taken to the acting court and then to jail.

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