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Marital Woes: Before & After

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 December 2011)

In Kağıthane, Istanbul, P.O. (20) said to her waiter boyfriend M.E.K. (25)
'close your eyes, I'm going to give you something' and then stabbed him in
the chest. M.E.K. had promised to marry P.O., having taken her
virginity, but he subsequently reneged. M.E.K. was seriously wounded
and P.O. was arrested when she went to the hospital to express her regret
to M.E.K. A charge carrying a sentence of nine years was filed against P.O.

According to the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor,
P.O. and M.E.K., who both work as waiters at the same restaurant in
Kağıthane, started to have a relationship about 7 or 8 months ago. During
this time M.E.K. won P.O.'s heart with a promise to marry her. On the
night of 3 November, when the stabbing incident occurred, M.E.K. had
come to P.O.'s home and spent the night there. In the morning, as M.E.K.
was leaving for work P.O. brought up the marriage issue, saying 'you
said you'd marry me. So let's get married.' In response, M.E.K. had said
'I'm going to do my military service. You do what you want to do.'

Hearing this P.O. was shocked but concealed her anger. She went to the
kitchen, got a knife which she hid behind her back and came back to
M.E.K. P.O. then said 'close you eyes. I'm going to give you something.'
When M.E.K. did so P.O. suddenly plunged the knife she was holding
into his chest. In great pain, M.E.K. grabbed the knife from his girlfriend,
ran outside and took a taxi to the hospital where he was treated for life-
threatening wounds.

P.O. felt remorse following the incident and wanted to find out about her
boyfriend's condition so she went to the hospital but was arrested there
by police. In her statement she said 'he deceived me into loving him with
a promise of marriage. He took my virginity but since we were going to
marry I put up with the situation and didn't complain. When he said he
wouldn't marry me I grabbed the knife to scare him but as we struggled
the knife accidently plunged into him.'

P.O. was transported to the prosecutor who completed the interrogation
and filed a charge carrying a sentence of 5 to 9 years for the crime of
'wounding'. The trial will begin in the days ahead at the Istanbul Court
of First Instance.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 December 2011)

In Isparta, the Yurdakul couple, who got married four years ago, started
to live apart eight months ago. Fadime Yurdakul (21), who has sued
for divorce, filed a complaint with the Halıkent Police Station the day
before yesterday, saying that her husband, who doesn't want to divorce,
was harrassing her. At about 1800 Fadime Yurdakul left the police
station and began walking toward the market when Serdar Yurdakul (28),
who was following the woman in his car, stopped his vehicle in the
back of the Isparta Governor's Office.

Serdar Yurdakul said he wanted to make up and tried to get his wife into
his car. She refused so he forceably put her into the trunk of the car
and fled. Security forces, reacting to the news from bystanders, learned
from the car's license plate that it had been rented from a company in
Antalya. In a short time, officials were able to pinpoint the location of
the vehicle thanks to the GPS mounted in it.

It was determined that the car was parked in front of a factory on the
Isparta-Eğirdir highway so a large number of police were sent there.
Nevertheless, Serdar Yurdakul tried to flee in spite of warnings from
police for him to stop. Units at the Eğirdir District Gendarmerie Command
at the entrance to the district heard about the situation and blocked the
road. However, Yurdakul was able to flee from here, as well. After a long
chase,the car was brought to a halt at the Eğirdir Port location and Serdar
Yurdakul was taken into custody.  The young woman in the trunk was
set free.

The couple had previously lived in Antalya, have no children and their
divorce suit has been under discussion in recent days. Serdar Yurdakul
works for a logistics firm.

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