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One Close Shave Too Many

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 December 2011)

Textile worker Fabuk B. (41) was involved in a traffic argument six years
ago in Bostancı, during which he killed one person and wounded another
in their pickup truck. Thanks to the alertness of a policeman he has been
caught. The policeman from the Murder Bureau went to the same barber
he always goes to and recognized the person next to him getting a shave as
the suspect.

The incident in question occurred on 13 October 2005 on the E-5 highway
in Bostancı, when textile worker Faruk B. argued with two people in a
pickup truck who had cut him off on the road. The argument quickly
grew into a fight, with both parties cursing each other. Since there was
heavy traffic on the road, the two cars would advance a bit and the
individuals would get out of their vehicles from time to time to continue
the fight.

According to the statements of eye witnesses, when traffic came to a
halt the persons in the pickup truck got out and started to break the
windows of Faruk B.'s car. At this point, Faruk B. took out his pistol
and started firing at the pickup truck occupants. Çoşkun Karataş (37)
was killed during the incident and Ferhat Aslaner (37) was injured.
Faruk B. then disappeared.

Thanks to the alertness of the Murder Bureau policeman Faruk B. who
has been sought for six years, was arrested. The policeman went to
the same barber he always goes to in Zeytinburnu and recognized the
person getting a shave next to him as Faruk B. The policeman didn't
leave the shop after his haircut but instead asked the suspect, who
was still getting his shave, for identification.

The policeman realized that the identity card Faruk B. had shown
him was fake so he took Faruk B., whose face was still covered with
shaving lather, into custody. When taken to the Murder Bureau it
was confirmed that Faruk B. was in fact the suspect police have
been searching for for six years.  After formalities, the suspect was
taken to jail.

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