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Camel Cameo - Must See Video

//ed. note: thanks to alert contributor Renan Snowden at UMinn. for this

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 December 2011)

A Kanal Urfa TV team, based in Şanlıurfa, came under attack by a camel
while doing a program at the Harran historical site. The camel first
caressed the guests but then attacked the news director. The incident
was reflected in the camera second by second.

The interesting incident occurred today at Harran, which has the world's
oldest university and hosts many Turkish and foreign tourists. Kanal
Urfa anchorman Ekrem Demirbilek was doing a news program about
the historic Harran district and while chatting with citizens who had
come from other provinces a camel came up to one of the guests,
wanting some attention.

The guest became uncomfortable and tried to move away from the
camel, which, after failing to get affection from the guest, attacked
Kanal Urfa News Director Kadir Çelikan. After suffering the camel's
attack, Çelikan ran 10 meters, got into a vehicle and found safety.
The incident was caught on camera, second by second. The camel
was quieted by its owner and led away from the scene of the


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