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Turks Foresaw 'Occupy' Two Years Ago

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 December 2011)

Literature teacher H. Gümrah Eralp (29) and English teacher A. Tahsin
Ertaş, both of Bursa, displayed magnificent foresight when they wrote
two years ago in their book about the unemployment protests in the U.S.
and they were hightlighted on the front page of Sabah Newspaper.

Hollywood producers are knocking on the pair's doors in order to make
a film of the novel, entitled 'Provocateur, The Day of No Money', which
pointed out that money is the world's biggest problem and explained
how the world would be saved. The book the two wrote two years ago
was published in February 2011 and the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests,
near Wall Street where the New York Stock Exchange is located, began
in September.

The two authors said that two Turkish producers in Hollywood, Semih
Eren and Ifakat Bak, saw the article in Sabah and got in contact with them,
explaining that 'after they read a summary they said that the story was
quite good and that it should be made into a film. Right now we're talking
with Warner Brothers, one of Hollywood's biggest film studios. It will
all become clear soon and if there's a film let's have Al Pacino play the role
of the hero.'

The hero of the book 'Provocateur, The Day of No Money' is Vedat
Warrington, the well-educated son of an American father and a Turkish
physicist mother. Vedat goes to New York, the money capital of the
world, gathers together young people and the unemployed and incites
street protests. The marches and slogans of 'Occupy Wall Street' are
even the same ones in the book. The protestors in the book occupy the
Brooklyn Bridge, just like in real life, and the protest's headquarters is
Manhattan, a photograph of which is on the book's cover.

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