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Prophet's Heir's Profit Motive

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 30 November 2011)

In Kocaeli's Gebze district, Mustafa Mallı allegedly identified himself as a
descendent of the prophet (Muhammed) in 2008, promised 1049 families
that they would be homeowners, collected gold and foreign exchange that
these families had accumulated and then vanished.

Mallı had told the victims 'we come from the family of the Prophet.
Buying a house from us is like buying one from heaven' and made similar
promises. Some 296 of the family member filed a complaint against Mallı
and an arrest warrant was issued. Yesterday he was captured.

As Mallı was being transported to the Gebze Courthouse yesterday
about 250 victims who heard that he had been arrested flocked there .
One woman said that 'I sacrificed my family's bread and gave him more
than 50 gold coins.' Mallı gave a statement to the prosecutor and was
incarcerated by the duty court.

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