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After Fine, They Torch Own Bus

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 July 2012)

In Bursa, the decision to prevent 'S-plate' minibusses
from outlying districts from entering the city has
produced irritation which turned into an protest
after a summons was issued. The day before yesterday
police stopped an 'S-plate' vechile carrying factory
workers from Harmancık district. Police issued a 60-
day ban on the vechicle and its owners Suphi Çetin,
his son Vedat Çetin and nephew Erkan Çetin. In
addition the driver got a 1,950 TL ticket.

In response, the Çetin family members set the bus
aflame with gasoline after getting all the passengers
off. The three Çetin's threw rocks at firefighters
who arrived on the scene, in an effort to prevent
them from dousing the flames. All three were taken
into custody. Suphi Çetin stated that they torched
the bus in reaction to the fine and he said 'they're
not letting us work, claiming we're pirates. They
gave us a 1,000 lira fine. I'm fed up!'

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