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Yogi Bear's Dark Side

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 July 2012)

In Aynalıkale village of Aziziye district, Erzurum, Mevlüt
Dilekçi (44) took his 30 animals out to graze on 6 July.
Suddenly he was injured by a large rock thrown at him from
behind as he sat by a stream. When he turned around Dilekçi
saw a bear but since he couldn't get up he called the Gendarmerie
on his cellphone and pleaded 'save me from the bear!'

The Gendarmerie requested a helicopter ambulance from Erzurum
and determined Dilekçi's whereabouts from the cellphone signal.
Dilekçi was then taken to Erzurum where it was determined that
his ribs and lungs had been injured. He was released from the
hospital yesterday after four days in intensive care.

Dilekçi explained the incident thusly: 'I called the Gendarmerie
and said 'the bear's going to eat me!' I was all alone in the
mountains, at the mercy of the bear. If the helicopter had come
half an hour later the bear would have eaten me. The helicopter
came just in time.'

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