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Cop's Charisma Takes a Beating

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 July 2012)

Policeman Ali Rıza Gürbüz, who is assigned to the Bingöl
Security Directorate, took leave in Adana and went with
his uncle to a bar in Seyhan to have a good time. After
drinking for a while, at 1 AM Gürbüz summoned the
bar singer to his table. When she declined Gürbüz pulled
out his gun and fired two shots into the air.

Gürbüz then tried to leave the bar but was set upon by five
unidentified individuals who beat him up and took his
gun. Police arrived at the scene and after a search Gürbüz's
gun was found in a street behind the bar. Gürbüz was
treated in an ambulance and then admitted to a hospital.

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