15 Temmuz 2012 Pazar

Fall-Off-The-Roof Hot!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 14 July 2012)

At Diyarbakır's Dicle University Hospital 349 people
have been treated for injuries as the result of falling off
rooves, where they sleep in the hot weather, during the
past two months. Of these four have died. The hospital's
chief doctor, Prof. Dr. Sait Alan stated that after researching
the issue they found that last summer a total of 3,349
people fell off rooves in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

Dr. Alan added that falls from rooves happen with the
most frequency in Mardin, Siirt, Batman, Şanlıurfa,
Dıyarbakır, Adıyaman and Bingöl provinces. He noted
that so far this year in these provinces about 2,000 people
have fallen off rooves and that by the end of September
this amount will have doubled.

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