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Brothers Gone to the Dogs

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 July 2012)

In Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa, a home owner who
wouldn't hand over his poorly cared-for dogs
resisted police and officials with rocks. About 50
dogs were being raised in the garden of the home
of four brothers in Atariye neighborhood, making
life miserable for the neighbors.

Police went to the house last week after the neighbors
complained but they couldn't retrieve the dogs when
they met with the brothers' resistance.  Yesterday
morning a 40-person team from the Osmangazi
Municipality and a fire truck went to the house to
get the dogs in order to put them in a shelter.

Refiye, Süleyman and Hakan Tunçer were at the
house at the time and threw rocks at the police
who wanted to round up the dogs. Ultimately,
police used force to enter the house, tranquilized
the dogs and took them to a shelter. Subsequently
the house was fumigated by a municipal team.

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