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When Good Grooms Go Bad

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 July 2012)

Osman Iren (22) of  Karaman, went to the parental
home of his estranged wife, who left him because
of extreme incompatibility, with his mother
Teslime (50) and his father Ali Osman Iren (52),
with the idea of  reconciling. When he found that
his wife was not at the house Iren forced his wife's
aunt Halime Çiçek (30), whom he deemed responsible
for the break-up, into his car and sped off with his
parents in the car, as well.

However, Iren lost control of the car at the entrance
to Osmaniye village and the vehicle fell off a bridge
six meters below. Iren, his mother Teslime Iren and
his wife's aunt Halime Çiçek died at the scene and
his father Ali Osman Iren passed away en route to
the hospital.

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