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Two-Places-at-Once Fotoshopping

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 July 2012)

Ramazan Filiz, who sent a life-size model of himself, based
on a full-length photograph, to the circumcision party
that he was unable to attend in Balıkesir, became an
internet sensation yesterday. And yesterday the man that
made Turkey laugh got together with his cut-out.

While posing with 'himself'', Filiz said that 'from now on
I'll send it to events I can't make.' Filiz had to attend a
relative's wedding in Bursa over the weekend so he hadn't
been able to go to his friend's son's circumcision in Dursunbey
district of Balıkesir. That's when he decided to try this novel
approach to attendance by sending a photo-statue of himself.

People who saw 'Filiz' in the hall where the circumcision party
took place said hello and asked him how he was doing. But
when the guests realized that the unanswering, far-away-looking
'Filiz' was a model they were both amazed and amused.

Filiz said he didn't expect that sending the cut-out instead of
going himself would attract so much attention but he added
that because of his idea his friend's son would have a circumcision
party to remember. He added that 'I'm going to start a new trend
and henceforth I'll send the cut-out to parties that I can't get to

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