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Charmed Life Cut Short

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 July 2012)

Nevin Mendilli and Mustafa Gönen

In Yüreğir, Adana, battered wife Nevin Mendilli
(45) heard three years ago that Mustafa Gönen (55)
could write a charm and break a curse so she went
to his house and asked him to write a charm that
would make her husband Ibrahim Mendilli(49)

Nevin Mendilli developed a friendship with Gönen
based on the pretext that she wanted the charm
written. She told him that 'your breath is powerful,
it sooths me' and invited him to her house. Shortly
thereafter the two lovers decided to kill Ibrahim
Mendilli with rat poison.

But Nevin Mendilli couldn't bring herself to kill
her husband during the holy month of Ramazan.
Nevertheless, Gönen went to the Mendilli house
and stabbed Ibrahim to death.

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